Computer Monitoring

Why Computer Monitoring Software is Needed at Workplace

By implementing the employee monitoring software like Spytector, Netbull & Co. you are likely to avail indefinite benefits. However, before that we should first know the reason behind conducting an employing monitoring check.

Do you feel that your employees are misusing the internet during their office hours? Well, most employers report the same problem. Personal chats with friends, online shopping and online stock trades are only a few of the issues that employers complain about their employees. And when employees divide their time among these activities, the overall work output reduces considerably, thereby nullifying the company profits too.

By conducting an employee monitoring check you are sure to improve the productivity of your employees. And with increased productivity from your employees you can expect a good turnover in return.

A survey was conducted and it was found that employees waste about 75 minutes regularly in their non-business activities during the official hours. This resulted in a loss of $6,250 from each employee. Now, that's really an alarming sum and if it continues to grow then soon your business will suffer a huge loss.
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