Employee Monitoring

Why Employee Monitoring is Needed at Workplace

With internet turning out to be a part and parcel of our lives, we cannot think of running a company without it. In fact, the advent of internet has turned to be a boon for majority of businesses. However, everything has its own set of pros and cons and internet is no different. It's accessibility at the workplace do involve some risks as well. If you conduct an employee survey, then you'll find that most of them waste a major chunk of their day browsing the internet. And if this continues to move on, then you'll never know when the demarcation between safe distraction and workplace is broadened.

The Growing Demand for Computer Monitoring Software

Your business is your asset and you cannot compromise with its output just because some of your employees aren't devoting the required number of hours at the workplace. The top reasons that make you want for employee monitoring are:
  • It's true that most people hold the opinion that keeping a check on the online activity of your employees at workplace is a sheer waste of time, there are many who know that keeping a tab on their activities will not go waste. Rather, they take up this step so as to prevent information or confidential files from getting leaked. This is particularly imperative because the leaked information can lead to a major loss for your firm.
  • One of the common online abuses at workplace is chatting with your friends via instant messaging. This will impact your employee's productivity greatly as he/she is busy at the chat conversation and doesn't really pay attention to work assigned.
  • Some employees may download pirated videos and music from their system. If you don't have employee software like Spytector to track these illegal activities then these employees go unnoticed.
  • By keeping a tab on the email conversations of the employees, you can find out whether they are sending some suspicious emails at an unknown address or not.
  • Browsing the internet is indeed an addiction and can be make an employee distractive and consume his/her time as well. After all, employees come to office to work and not to browse aimlessly.

Redefine your Employee Monitoring Strategies

Online security is of utmost importance for any business who aims at making good sales. However, with employees indulging in activities that are against the interest of the company, your sales can go for a toss. Thankfully, things have turned for the better with computer monitoring software (key-loggers). You may also keep your confidential data secured by adopting this approach. After all, data breach is perhaps the biggest headaches that companies come into terms. Undetectable keyloggers like Spytector & Netbull are in tune with your surveillance and monitoring needs. The best part about this type of spy software is that your employees will not know that they are being monitored. Besides, the keylogger is being undetectable by antivirus programs as well. So, if you too want to increase your business output, manage data leakage and strengthen the existing security solution then look no further and choose one of our monitoring programs today!
Spytector Keylogger
Best Keylogger

Spytector - The Best Keylogger

Spytector is the critically acclaimed monitoring software, the best undetectable keylogger available on the Internet. Spytector is tracking and recording, in stealth mode, all activities of PC users (keystrokes, chat sessions, visited websites, applications, opened windows etc.). The log files can be delivered to you via Email or FTP (or you can retrieve them locally). Spytector undetectable keylogger can monitor, record and restrict the computer activities in total stealth, invisible for all the well known antiviruses. Spytector keylogger can be easily remotely deployed, its size is about 150 KB (no other keylogger with the same functionality can be so small).

Spytector has been thoroughly tested on Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (32bit and 64bit). The stability is perfect on all the mentioned systems.

Now Spytector is able retrieve the passwords stored in newest versions of Google Chrome, FireFox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari, GoogleTalk, Outlook, Windows Live Messenger.

There's no surprise Spytector is awarded as "Best Keylogger" on almost all comparison tests across the web.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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Remote Spy
Remote Spy Software

Remote-Spy - Remote Deployable Spy Software

Remote Spy is perfect for those who want to monitor their employees, children, or spouses, while away from home or work!

Do you need to find out what someone is doing online on your computer? Is your spouse, child, or someone else using your PC inappropriately? RemoteSpy is the perfect solution for anyone that needs this info quickly and secretly. Now you can use the same spy software professionals use to find out the information you need in total privacy. Remote Spy offers powerful features at an affordable price!

RemoteSpy can be remotely installed, no physical access is needed! Remote Spy is able to record all keystrokes typed, websites visited, documents accessed, applications ran and much more, all in total stealth mode!

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NetBull Keylogger
Remote Keylogger
NetBull - The Best Remote Keylogger
By using the latest in computer spying techniques, NetBull keylogger tracks all activities that occur on the monitored computer (Internet browsing, keyboard usage, user names and passwords, messenger conversations, programs used, Facebook activity, emails etc.).

Everything that happens on the monitored computer is recorded! The reports/logs created by NetBull are delivered to you by Email and FTP. The reports can also be reviewed on the monitored computer without using email or FTP options.

The stealth keylogging software are a must-have nowadays and NetBull is one of the best you can use. It's long established that a company is legally responsible for what their employees do while they're at work, and any owner is responsible for what happens on their computer while they're away. And not in the last place, NetBull is an effective parental control software that can protect your children from all online threats.

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Big Brother Keylogger
IAmBigBrother - The Best Cost/Performance Ratio
IAmBigBrother is one of the first and longest standing computer monitoring programs on the market. IamBigBrother will monitor your children in Instant Messages, Chats, Emails, Web Site URLs and much more while undetected from the user.

We test many of these and this is the best low-cost product. Not only do you see what your child types online but what is said back as well. It monitors both incoming and outgoing activity - no other program offers this feature!

Do your kids use Yahoo for email? We monitor it! See all incoming and outgoing email for Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL web and more. Many programs cannot record incoming web emails, like Hotmail or Yahoo. We do! Additionally, the user cannot get around IamBigBrother by clearing cache or history - it gets EVERYTHING as it happens... including PASSWORDS!

You may wonder how you see the recorded information if it is so hidden... all you do is enter your secret password, and IamBigBrother will activate... but only for you! IamBigBrother does NOT appear in the START menu, nor will it appear in the CTRL-ALT-DEL Task Manager.

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Realtime Spy Software
Realtime Monitoring Keylogger
Realtime-Spy - The Latest In High-Tech Monitoring Software
Realtime Spy is the latest in cutting-edge PC spy software technology that allows you to monitor any computer from anywhere. Realtime-Spy is remotely installable, and its activity logs are accessible from anywhere. Realtime-Spy logs all keystrokes, websites, applications ran, email activity, and more - in total stealth. Realtime-Spy can be remotely installed without physical presence needed for installation. You can log and record MULTIPLE PC's from one remote location without any extra configuration - just click what user names you want to view logs for. Realtime-Spy can monitor any PC regardless of its Internet connection. Most other remote deployable monitoring solutions will not work behind a firewall, router, LAN, or if they are on a dialup connection - but Realtime-Spy will!

Realtime-Spy can be remotely installed without physical presence needed for installation. The monitored PC can be accessed 24/7 from any location via your personal realtime-spy address. You can log and record MULTIPLE PC's from ONE REMOTE LOCATION without any extra configuration - just click what user names you want to view logs for. Realtime-Spy can monitor any PC regardless of its Internet connection. Most other remote deployable monitoring solutions will not work behind a firewall, router, LAN, or if they are on a dialup connection - but Realtime-Spy will!

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SniperSpy Software
employee monitoring keylogger
SniperSpy - Professional Remote Keylogger
Are you worried how others might use your remote PC? Expose the truth behind the lies! Unlike the rest, SniperSpy allows you to remotely watch your computer like a television! Watch what happens on the screen LIVE! The only remote monitoring software with a SECURE control panel!

The software also saves screenshots along with text logs of chats, websites, keystrokes in any language and more. Remotely view everything your child, employee or anyone does while they use your distant PC. Includes LIVE admin and control commands!

No physical access to your remote PC is needed to install the monitoring software. Once installed you can view the screen LIVE and browse the file system from anywhere anytime. You can also view chats, websites, keystrokes in any language and more, with screenshots.

This software remotely installs to your computer through email. Unlike the other remote monitoring titles on the market, SniperSpy is fully and completely compatible with any firewall, including Windows 7 and 8, and add-on firewalls.

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